Fresh_g6et & Lupomedia + Cosmis XT006R's

Fresh_g6et & Lupo Media dropping some straight FIRE Shots of the G6ET loving the look of this falcon , with the wrap and Wheel Combo is On Point !

Specs :

Cosmis XT006R

18x9.5 +10 Offset All Round

5x114.3 PCD

Gunmetal with Milled Spokes, Diamond Lip Edge

Fitment wise as the vehicle is running the upgraded FPV Brembo Brakes the 18x9.5 +10 does require a hubcentic spacer up front to clear the Large Bulky Brakes . ( with Camber Adjustment and Stretched Tyres to Keep Flush with Guards ) Rear Fitment requires No Spacers & Nice Flush Fitment on a Lowered Setup .

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